How can you download Gmail data and transfer it to other services?


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Google allows you to export and download your data in any of its services, such as: Gmail, Calendar, Google Images, YouTube, and many more easily, thanks to the Google Takeout service.

Google Takeout is a well-known Google service that collects Google Account data in one place, and allows you to export a copy of the account’s content to save an archived backup or use it in other external services.

Google allows you to download Gmail data in an MBOX file, making you able to back up without an internet connection, or transfer all of your email messages to another email service, or to a new Gmail account.

Today, we will show you how to download Gmail data using Google Takeout, and how to transfer this data to another email service:
First; How to download Gmail data:
• Go to the Google Takeout settings page.
• You will see a very long list of all Google products and services that you use, and this includes: Android devices you use, Chrome browser, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Drive, and many more.
• This list automatically selects all, but to prevent downloading data from a specific product, remove the tick from the box next to this product.
• If you only want to download Gmail data, Click on Deselect all at the top of the menu.
Scroll down to Gmail, and check the box next to it.
• You will see that you can download the file in MBOX format, and in other services Google allows you to click on this format to change it, but you cannot do that in Gmail.

• by default; All of your Gmail messages from all categories will be included. If you want to set this up, click All Mail data included, and remove the check mark next to the option to include all messages in the mail.
Select the folders you want, then press OK.
• Scroll down the list until you reach Next Step, click on it.
• Here you can choose how you prefer to download a Gmail data file, this can be a download link sent to an email address, or a file added to your Google Drive account, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.
• You can also specify the file type – zip, or tgz – and its size, and when you’re ready click on the Create export option.
• Google will start archiving your data and sending it to you in the way you specified, this process may take some time depending on the amount of data you download.

Secondly; How to import Gmail data to any email service:
You can import your Gmail data to any email service that supports MBOX format, and you can also use a utility like: Windows MBox Viewer that gives you access to your files that support this format.

If you are using a Mac, you can import the MBOX file to the Apple Mail application easily, all you have to do is open the mail and click on the (File) option then select (Import).

But if you are using Microsoft Outlook, you will first have to convert the MBOX file to another format supported by the application.

And if you use the (Thunderbird) application, you can easily import the Gmail data file that you downloaded from Google, as it is an open source application, supports MBOX files, and it also works on operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.


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