How did Youssef get past time to enter history from its widest gates? .. I know the story


With the beginnings of 1930, the Egyptian cinema had not yet been pronounced, as the films that were presented were silent, but the great star Youssef Bey Wahbi wanted to enter history from his widest doors and record a cinematic race in his name with his close friend, director Mohamed Karim.

Youssef Wehbe was preparing for the first movie, speaking on the authority, and rewriting and revising the story more than once with the director Mohamed Karim, who wrote a script and dialogue for the film in partnership with Youssef Bey, but the two friends learned that George Abyad contracted with Edmund and Gabriel Nahas to play a movie called The Heart Card with Matareya Nadra Amin, and if this movie came to light, he would have taken a lead. Youssef preceded you with time and ridiculed all the circumstances and saved all funds for the speedy completion of the production of the film so that he would have a head start. Indeed, he entered history from his broadest doors, and he and his team’s work “Children of the Sisters” became a pioneer in Arab cinema with this work that It premiered in 1932 on March 14.

The film “The Children of Daughters” was first shown in 1932
The film “The Children of Daughters” was first shown in 1932

The film “Sons of the Self” discusses an important social issue of its time, related to the behavior of the aristocracy and the disgrace of the established social values ​​through the inevitable fate that Hamdi Bey met under the wheels of the train committing suicide, after Hamdi left himself to his lust and his sleeping conscience, so he loved a French girl behind his wife He is surprised that this girl betrayed him with her lover, so he shot her and sentenced him to imprisonment. After his prison sentence expires, he decides to return to Egypt again.

The story of this film caused a major crisis after its presentation with foreign communities in Egypt, as it found in the story of the film a clear insult and hostility to foreigners residing in Egypt, especially foreign women. The words of the movie’s heroes came to condemn the marriage of an Egyptian woman to foreign women, this marriage only brings corruption and destruction For the Egyptian family, it ends with severe consequences that destroy the future of the Egyptian youth.

Events escalated after the screening of the film and foreign newspapers began launching angry campaigns against the filmmakers to the point that they demanded the cessation of its screening, and a ministry that commissioned French cultural curse Monsieur Graivo to intervene with the critics and journalists committee to watch the film and report on the accusations against him, and the morning concert presentation was stopped at Cosmos Cinema And with the rush of the masses who intended to attend the show, the Ministry of Interior retracted the decision to suspend the show.

This movie was attended by a constellation of stars including Dulat Abyad, Amina Rizk, Hassan Fayek, Anwar Wajdi, and Collet de Arvie, and directed by Muhammad Karim and sang in the movie Kawkab al-Sharq Umm Kulthum, “Yama Amr Al-Farraq”, written by Ahmed Rami and composed by Zakaria Ahmed.


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