How do you do it .. How can you check if you are subject to electronic phishing?


Online dating apps and websites suffer from fraudulent personal files that hunt people and swindle electronically, and the term “phishing” has arisen as a term for the process of luring people with false relationships, as it also includes people who provide false information about themselves in general.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, these profiles often use pictures of another person to pretend they are another person in order to get an appointment, or deceive the money.

There are certain ways to check whether these profiles are real people or if they are fake accounts:

1. Search for images using Google

People just need to right-click on the images that raise their suspicion, copy and paste the URL into, the search engine will search to see if the image was used elsewhere.

If you find the image linked to a different person than the person you are talking to on the app or communication site, you have likely met a troll.

2. Use an app called Veracity

This app is useful for dating sites like Tinder and others, as it allows backing of photos from Dropbox or the camera for any matching results.

Download the app, then select a screenshot of the suspicious dating app profile to start searching, and the app will let you know if the photo belongs to someone else.

3. Check out their Facebook

Almost everyone with a profile on a dating site will have a Facebook account, so most dating apps require users to have one other account, so it is always recommended to track this person on other forms of social media.

4. Use search engines

Google and other search engines have a large inventory, and most people will appear in the search, in this era, it is not uncommon for anyone to have anything on Google.

Look for them or their relatives, or the things that they said or published in the past, if there is nothing, this would raise levels of anxiety.

5. Video chat

For upcoming romantic engagements, it is necessary to see the face of a person you are actually talking to, before any step, either in an interview or a physical step, regarding your account numbers or other matters, via video chat on any of the video applications.


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