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Rania Youssef: I received threatening letters from ...

Source: Salah Hassan – Toss News

Egyptian artist revealed Raniya Yousif, About receiving threats by verbally molesters through her accounts on social media, explaining that this happened because of their exposure to them and the publication of pictures of molesters.

Rania Youssef confirmed in televised statements that she will not be silent about what is happening to her by these harassers, noting that she will expose their order to publish pictures of 5 harassers daily, as their messages carry a lot of insult and harassment.

Rania expressed her surprise at the state of morality, which some reached, pointing out that she had spoken about the same thing previously, and no one paid any attention to her conversation.

Rania Youssef confirmed that the rates of harassment increased by women and men, and even children, adding that there are veiled girls, veiled women, and men who send stories of harassment to them.

Rania added that she is currently collecting all the details of all the harassers to resort to the judiciary and submit an official communication to the Public Prosecution, asking all girls not to allow any creature to harass them.

Rania Youssef added: “The people who say wearing the sixties are the people who harass men and children, and they said the dress is fine, and we apologized to him for harassing children … If we think of the threshold girl who turns against me and turns on the story, and we hear that the man is chained, and the situation worsens after 25 years.”

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