I wouldn’t be surprised with 100,000 daily hits


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The chief communicable disease expert in the United States, Anthony Fawcci, warned on Tuesday that the death toll from daily cases of Covid 19, currently 40,000, may rise to 100,000 unless new measures are taken to contain the pandemic.

“I will not be surprised that we have reached 100,000 hits a day if we do not reverse the trend,” Fauchi said during a Senate hearing.

He continued, “I am very concerned that things could get worse.”

A Coronavirus cell member in the United States declined to speculate on the number of deaths that could result from the current outbreak.

Currently, the additional injuries recorded in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida account for half of the total daily casualties on US soil.

Injuries are increasing alarmingly

An analysis prepared by Reuters on Tuesday showed that the incidence of the new coronavirus had more than doubled in ten US states in June.

Arizona recorded the biggest jump in injuries during the month, increasing by 294%, followed by South Carolina and Arkansas. The injuries increased more than twice as many in Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Ota.

At the country level, the incidence increased by at least 43% and deaths increased by 20%. And some states still have not registered cases today.

America - AFP
America – AFP

While most countries in the world feel that the worst is over in this pandemic, the United States and a few countries are still experiencing increases in the number of people affected.

In the six months since the World Health Organization announced for the first time the emergence of foci of mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan, China, more than 500,000 people have died of the virus, including more than 126,000 in the United States.

The strong national response, imposing public isolation measures, and making compulsory muzzling in public places helped to control the pandemic in many Asian and European countries, but in the United States the muzzle position has become a contentious political issue and many states have resumed work without reaching the health levels required to do so in a manner security.

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