If he persuaded me, I would apologize to the nation. Khaled Al-Jundi invites Azhariya to debate over the verbal divorce .. video


Sheikh called Khaled the soldier, Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Nabawi Al-Azhari, member of the teaching staff of Al-Azhar University, to his debate regarding the difference between them on his fatwa Oral divorce.

The soldier continued, during the episode of his program, “Perhaps they would understand”, the radio broadcast on the satellite “DMC”, today, Saturday: “He disagreed with me with respect, and invited him to the debate, to present his thought and his knowledge. If he persuaded me of an oral divorce, I would apologize to the whole nation, for I say what God wills I do not seek a position or a seat in power, with the difference we live and live, which is positive. “

Sheikh Khaled al-Jundi, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, said that the June 30 revolution brought back our dignity, our faith, and the sources of pride and pride.
The soldier added, during the episode of the program, “Perhaps they would understand” the radio broadcast on “dmc”, today, Thursday, that the revolution of June 30, returned to Egypt ourselves and our country and our flesh.

The soldier swore to God, saying: “By God, there is no god but someone, people were calling me while they were in a state of collapse and crying before the June 30 revolution, and as usual, people in times of adversity resort to scholars.
He continued: People know that God is the refuge in the time of adversity, and I know people who are God, who denotes God.

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