If you buy a computer, what is the difference between “Core i3 – Core i5 – Core i7” processors?


The processor is an important issue that many users focus on when purchasing a new computer, as there are many processors provided by a number of companies, but looking at Intel we find that there is a group of famous processors such as i3, i5 and i7, while many users know that The higher the number, the more powerful the processor. Below, we show a comparison between them as follows:

Core i3 processor:

It is a processor similar to the Core 2 due processor, but the Core i3 contains two chips or two processors inside, as well as four processing lines, while Core 2 due contains the same in the chipset but two processing lines.

– Core i5 processor:

It comes with the same components as the Core i3, but by activating the Turbo feature, it contains four chips, and it is considered one of the most powerful processors currently available, it contains four processing lines and an advanced level of random memory and the feature of Turbo.

Core i7 processor:

This processor contains four slices but with 8 processing lines, which means that it contains 8 devices that perform data processing in one device, as it contains a high level of random memory in order to be able to accept the number of processing lines contained in it and a very high level of Turbo technology.


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