In defense of Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra .. Ahmed Al-Saadani remembers a position on Ko


02:44 PM

Monday 20 July 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Artist Ahmed Al-Saadani recounted a situation he was exposed to in his artistic beginnings when filming the movie “Day of Dignity” with the director Ali Abdul Khaliq, through his personal account on the “Facebook” website.

Al-Saadani wrote, “The first movie I have done in my life is a movie (Day of Dignity) directed by Professor Ali Abdel-Khaleq. I was a student at the institute and had a 9 morning exam in the pyramid. And photographing 2 dahr in Port Said, I turned the exam in an hour and I said so I took the country to Port Said.”

He continued, “I rode the diameter 11 and slept while I slept. I was dreaming that the diameter is standing every bit and people are coming down and people are riding. I woke up feeling that I slept a lot, how about it, and the road was about two hours per night at 4 oclock, and I met the production, speaking to me 34 times, and I found the diameter standing with the top of the jumps “.

Al-Saadani added, “The six who are at my side said to me, Malik, what did you say to us? Where did she say to me in the storytellers? We should not know that we were fine, I told her, we are not going to Port Said, she said to me, but this is a straw that stands in such a station, do what I said to them, tell them, listen to me from The purifier is an option, the important thing is that when I arrive and ready at 6 oclock, I entered and walked in the ground and the professor explains the scene. I was dead from hunger, sure I didn’t get out of the morning. I had a sandwich in the hands of him by hitting it in malignancy as much as possible and in a moment when I was eating mild cheese, I heard the professor say Brik A group because of Professor Ahmed Bekal, I voted for Ahmed Ezz, I met him in Mabkalish, I knew that I was the intended one. The bite stood in my place, Yasser Jalal gave me one on my back, because I was painful until now, but I went to the bite, I said with a shriek, no, my teacher, I concluded, praise be to God.

And he continued: “The professor said, turn off the light and sit them all together, and tell me to complete the sandwich as a whole, and I rash it, of course, as I was swallowing a mistake, and while this was my teacher, who is my beloved father, I used to wash and nourish from what your heart loves. The children were given a dress with a shaftah, Muhammad Riyad and Yasir sitting in the door of his righteousness, to open the door open to the teacher to catch the Mike and he said, come up … Oh, I want to shoot, I got up and made the best scene for me in the movie almost, so if I had a sweet scene at all, then the teacher took me on By my side, you said you need to dry up and learn the origins of Shaglanah. I mean, the teacher used to teach me, and I learned that you could not defeat me. ”

Al-Saadani’s words were aimed at defending Abdel-Rahman Abu Zahra, explaining, “The message is for every one who has lost their soul to mistake the great professor Abdul-Rahman Abu Zahra, my God.


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