In lieu of losses and inter-governorate transport .. Catering provides 4 new services


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Thursday 02 July 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, through the Egypt Support website, launched 4 new services that were not previously available in cooperation with the Information Systems Center of the Ministry of Military Production.

Masrawy monitors the four new services and how to deal with them through the site as follows:

First .. Service instead of lost and damaged

The citizen can now, through the Egypt Support website, obtain a replacement for lost or damaged ration card, and the user can choose catering services for citizens, then choose a lost or damaged allowance and then choose (provide a lost or damaged replacement)


After the citizen chooses to provide a damaged or lost replacement, a warning message appears as an acknowledgment by the citizen that he is responsible for the validity of the data that he will deliver through the site and that he will bear all procedures in the event of data inaccuracy that begins with the cancellation of the ration card and legal accountability, and the user must choose OK if he wishes In completing the procedures.


The citizen also enters his full ration card number and the governorate from which the card was issued by pressing enter. The site responds in the name of one of the card’s beneficiaries and asks the user to enter his or her 14-digit national number.



After entering the card number, the site requests the phone number registered on the ration cards and it is required that the number be registered in the company in the name of the card owner or one of its beneficiaries, and then press the enter button to show the full card data.


A message is sent to the registered phone number containing a verification code that deducts from the value of 1 pound. The code is entered and after that, choose to extract a replacement for the lost or damaged one.


Second .. Transfer service from one governorate to another

The service of transporting exchange of foodstuffs was not previously available through a support site and was only available through the supply office or service centers, but now the citizen can change the exchange governorate through the site.

Initially, the citizen enters catering services to the citizen and chooses to move to another governorate so that a warning message appears as an acknowledgment by the citizen of the validity of his data and in the event that it is not correct, the citizen is considered responsible and bears legal responsibility from the cancellation of the card to any other legal procedure.


After that, boxes appear in which the card number and the governorate in which the ration and bread goods are spent, and after that a box bearing the name of one of the beneficiaries of the exchange appears on the card and its national number is requested and after the entry the phone number registered on the supply card number is requested.


And after that the data of the entire card and the number of individuals benefiting appear and the site asks you to choose the governorate that you want to transfer to and choose the catering department and the catering office and the catering ration closest to you in the new exchange governorate – this is not an absolute requirement for the citizen in the monthly exchange process later so the citizen can after transferring his exchange card Supply goods from any ration replacements or my association’s outlet inside the new governorate – and it can also exchange bread from any bakery in the governorate, so that a code on the mobile number is entered after that to confirm the transfer.


Third … the new release service

The Egypt Support website has produced a social separation service and a new issuance. The user selects catering services for citizens, including choosing a new social separation issuance, agreeing to approve the data, entering the national number of the husband, answering some questions such as the wife’s catering card number, the wife’s national number, attaching the marriage certificate and all the data that proves Reasons for social separation, then a confirmation message appears, a code is sent via the phone number registered on the card, then confirmation of the social separation process.


Fourth .. The password reset service

The service of sending the passcode is one of the biggest obstacles that were haunting the user of the ration cards in case the card is damaged, lost or forgotten the secret number, so the citizen had to travel hundreds of kilometers to the Military Production Systems Center in order to obtain the secret number, but now through Egypt’s support site he can Citizen entering online services and choosing to send a new secret number and agree to the validation of the data.


After that the card number and the province are entered and then a message appears that the password will be on the same phone number previously registered on the citizen’s catering card, and in the event the user does not remember the phone number that was previously registered he must first enter to re-register a phone number that holds the data of one of the Registered on the ration card and then use the new service.


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