In pictures .. The artist Hamada Hilal is spreading his mother with tears and an influential message – thought and art – east and west


Artist Hamada Hilal celebrated the funeral of his late mother today, Tuesday, in the presence of a few of his colleagues in the artistic community, after which she reached her final resting place in the family tombs on Ain Sukhna Road.

Only the popular artist Mahmoud Al-Laithi, the artist Ahmed Jamal, and a few of his friends were among his colleagues in the artistic community, in addition to a large group of his family members.

Hamada Hilal collapsed during his funeral prayer for his mother, and also expressed the extent of his loss to her and his grief over her separation, with a crying message that he posted on his Instagram account, in which he wrote: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return … God bless you, my mother, God bless you, my heart, God bless you A great joy today, because of the period of sickness that you reckon with our Lord Almighty. ”

He added, according to the magazine “He”: “You were satisfied all the time, praising our Lord, and upon your patience and trouble in raising us, my sisters and I, for what you have been patient and optimistic about the good. Muhammad your servant and your Messenger .. I ask you, O God, to bless her with his companions in the highest paradise, O Lord of the worlds … I ask you to pray and conquer.

The mother of the Egyptian artist had suffered with cancer for 3 years, and her health deteriorated during the last days, until she passed away yesterday morning, Tuesday.

The late mourned a number of stars of the lyric media and the friends of her son Hamada Hilal, among them the artist Walid Saad, Mohamed Fouad, Ihab Tawfiq, Amina, Ahmed Jamal, and the lyricist Tamer Hussein and others.



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