In Pictures: The MMA star opens a page for photos and pornographic films


Just as did the Australian Rene Gracie, who abandoned motor racing and turned into a world of pornographic images and movies for money, and Melissa Polanhagy, an American-Filipino-American and snowboarding hero, left the sport and switched to porn.
It was the turn of the 35-year-old Belgian fighter Cindy Dandoys, who fought 21 fights during her professional career in the martial arts world and won 16 of them, where she announced the launch of her own page through one of the global sites of pictures and pornographic films.
Dandoys posted on Twitter that her work in her gym collapsed during the shutdown caused by the Corona virus, and that she had not received any help from the government, which put her in a difficult financial situation, so she created her own page on the porn site temporarily to collect money so that she could open the hall one more time.


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