In pictures .. “Walid and Khaled” invalidated, they saved 4 people from drowning in Al-Mum beach


09:31 AM

Saturday 11 July 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed El-Badry:

Fate led the two young men, “Walid and Khaled,” to be near the Palm Beach, to be a reason to save 4 people before being overwhelmed by death, after the Beach of Death caused the death of 11 people on Friday.

It was six oclock on Friday morning, when the two young men, Walid and Khaled, from the 63rd Street Beachfront, heard the sounds of cries for help, so they rushed to help.

Walid said to Masrawy: “We heard the cry of distress from some citizens on the beach near six in the morning, and we moved in their direction to surprise 6 people grappling with the waves, and I rushed and others on the beach to their location near the barrier, and we managed to save 3 people from Sinking and swimming to the beach, while there were two young people between 15 and 16 years old, their bodies floated at a distance, and because of the waves and the effort we could not reach them at the appropriate time, especially since they were resisting drowning for a long time “

“Walid” said that the shipwrecked came in separate groups, in what looked like youth trips to spend Friday swimming.

Next to him, his colleague Khaled, one of the participants in saving the survivors from drowning, said: “After we managed to save the three young people from drowning, we saw a fourth person behind the breakwater, but because of the large swirls in that area and the stress that we felt, we could not reach him at first, But we returned again to search for him to find him near the breakwater, and after attempts we were able to retrieve him and we fled him 30 meters to cross the point of extreme water current fluctuation and we were able to provide first aid to him on the beach until he was transferred to the hospital. “

“This work is for God,” said Khaled, commenting on his efforts and colleagues to save the shipwrecked, adding: “It was not easy to stand up and watch the souls of death-struggling without providing assistance, especially as we are able to swim.”

On Friday, 11 people were drowned in Al-Nakheel Beach, which is known as “the beach of death”, in Al-Ajmi neighborhood, west of Alexandria, including 5 missing by sea.

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