In revenge for Davutoglu .. Erdogan closes university with a stroke of a pen


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The head of the Future Party and former Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, criticized the closure of the “Istanbul Shahir” University, which he founded, and said that “President Erdogan, who does not care about any obstacles to his ambition and political hatred, is the president who signed the closure decision.”

The Council of Higher Education in Turkey issued a decision to suspend the operating permit of the “Istanbul Shahir University” which was established in 2008 by the Foundation for Science and Arts of Davutoglu, and transferred its management to Marmara University, following court cases facing the university against the background of the land on which it was built, and the decision that was published Erdogan signed it in the Official Gazette today, Tuesday.

A political decision

The Chamber of Turkish Architects had filed several lawsuits against the university over the transfer of state land to the university campus, but Davutoglu and opponents of Erdogan consider the decision to be a vengeful political nature from Erdogan’s former ally and prime minister and current political opponent who split from the ruling Justice and Development Party last year and founded An opposition party, the Future Party.

Erdogan had spoken at a previous meeting on the issue and said, “I allocated the university when I was prime minister, and when Davutoglu arrived as prime minister he transferred land ownership to Istanbul’s famous university, which never happened in Turkey.”

Close by Erdogan’s signature

In response to Erdogan’s decision, Davutoglu said, “I am at your disposal with regard to the closure of the university, which all institutions have recognized its academic value and quality, and the result in the middle of last night, President Erdogan entered history as a politician who closed the university by signing it.”

“When they publish it (the decision to close the university) in the middle of the night, they think they can cover the seriousness of the decision, they hit one of the best educational institutions in Turkey, expressing the most accurate future of Turkey, the dreams of the youth, and they deal a blow to the education of Turkey as a whole.”

“This is the one who confiscates the university, strikes the educational life, and plays with the hopes of the youth and the dreams of the teachers,” Davutoglu said in his talk about Erdogan.

“Transition to absolute despotism”

The head of the Future Party affirmed that the issue today is “turning to absolute tyranny by sending a message to civil society institutions if you do not obey me unconditionally then this will be the end.”

In turn, the leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kılıcdaro أوlu, criticized the decision to close the famous Istanbul University, stressing that the decision came with the aim of revenge against Davutoglu.

“The president and chairman of the Justice and Development Party, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will not be able to get the voices of the young generation. The youth never want the oppressive administration, they want freedom,” Kılıcdaroglu said.

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