In the Guardian: Donald Trump is a hypocrite over China


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Jonathan Friedland believes that Trump focuses on human rights violations in China in case he achieves this political interest

The Guardian published an article written by Jonathan Friedland, in which he believed that US President Donald Trump exploits Chinas violation of human rights only when it is in his favor.

Friedland says Trump spoils everything he touches. And if he is supporting a cause, it will harm him. And if he takes a certain position, the nature of most of the free people in the world pushes them to stand against it.

Therefore, Trump’s embarrassment of China is in its interest.

He adds that we now know thanks to the former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, that Trump begged China to manipulate this year’s elections in his favor, in exchange for the United States being silent about what Amnesty International described as the centers of Xinjiang, where China is holding two million Uighur Muslims.

But the author says that Trump’s exploitation of a human rights violation in China does not mean that these violations do not exist or should not interest us.

The repression of minorities has worsened in Tibet and in Xinjiang in particular, and it has been difficult for journalists to document the tragedy of the Muslim Uighurs, but the secret documents revealed in November /November confirmed the existence of a large network of secret prisons in Xinjiang, in which one million people, mostly Uighur Muslims, were arrested.

Former detainees in these prisons spoke of torture and rape to which Uighurs are subjected, in order to strip them of their identity, culture and heritage.

Friedland believes that the presence of these prisons, the largest mass detention of ethnic and religious minorities since 1945, is a crime and a disgrace to humanity, yet it is negligible in the world.

He adds that the world is required to act against what China is doing as a “rogue superpower”, but that is difficult because the United States itself is in the hands of a “rogue president.” How to denounce China when Trump’s response to the movement to defend the rights of blacks is through a tweet “When the looting begins, the shooting begins.”

Do not touch freedom of the press

The Independent newspaper published an editorial condemning the arrest of one of its reporters in the United States while covering the protests of the Movement for the Defense of the Rights of Blacks.

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The Independent says the arrest is worrying not because Andrew Bencome was a journalist who was practicing his constitutionally secured work peacefully, but rather because it highlights inhumane police practices in a mid-size American city.

She adds that Bencom was exposed to what many Americans are exposed to, which is evidence of a culture prevalent in the police. It is strange that the attempt to prevent the reporter from covering the events resulted in a more robust and clear reporting.

Among these aspects that the arrest of the journalist revealed is the lack of safety by the police in the safety and health of detainees in freedom countries such as the United States. The detainees are subjected to arbitrariness and threats, as if they do not enjoy human rights, which are stipulated in the American Constitution.

Even those accused of terrorism and drug barons have basic rights in the American constitution, but those who were with Bencom in the police car and overcrowded prison cells are all peaceful protesters, most of whom were registered with minor violations.

Bencom was not the only one to feel intimidated when he was insulted, humiliated and ridiculed when he protested his arrest. People were shot and others were killed in the area where Andrew was. But the arrest of a journalist in it was overlooked by the police. It is an indication of a bigger problem.

When a large number of people are immersed in a room without a bath during the time of the epidemic of Covid 19, as happened with Bencom, this behavior implies indifference to the lives of some people.

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