Interest of up to 15% .. Learn about 3 of the highest return savings certificates in a


12:08 PM

Friday 24 July 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry;

National Bank of Egypt tops the list of the banking system in providing high interest on savings certificates of various times to give customers a premium interest on their savings in pounds.

The National Bank sells 3 savings certificates with a high return, the highest in the banking system.

The bank provides customers with 24-hour online banking and mobile banking purchasing service without the hassle of going to the branches, to make it easier for customers to relieve pressure on the branches, and prevent corona virus.

We discuss the details of 3 high-yield certificates in the National Bank branches nationwide:

1- Platinum certificate with one year deadlines:

Interest is granted 15% annually, and the return is spent every month.

2- An investment certificate of two years:

The interest rate is 14%, the return is spent every 3 months.

3- Platinum certificate with 3-year terms:

It gives interest at 12%, the return is spent every 3 months, or 12.25% is spent every 3 months.

The National Bank allows the certificate to be broken and redeemed before its expiry date, provided that 6 months have passed since its purchase, according to the instructions for purchasing the certificate signed by the customer.


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