It measures learning outcomes … Education issues a statement regarding the English test


01:33 PM

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said that the content and vocabulary of the English language exam is clear and there has been no debate on any question or its answer.

This came after Dr. Reza Hijazi, Deputy Minister of Education and Technical Education and Head of Secondary Examinations, held, via the video conference, a meeting with the general mentors of the English language course and the appreciation supervisors at the level of all assessment headquarters,

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has taken all measures to ensure the preservation of students ’rights and to establish the principle of equal opportunities for students.

The Head of the General Secondary Exam also instructed all the system and monitoring committees to dissect the questions to determine the percentage of students who did not answer or answered every question to determine the level of ease and difficulty and determine the discriminatory ability of each question. Valid for measuring learning outcomes for which they were developed.

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