Jamal Abdel Hamid to Farouk Jaafar: I am the captain of the national team for 6 seasons and I have never been with a referee


Gamal Abdel Hamid, the star of Al-Ahly, the former Zamalek and the Egyptian team, blamed Farouk Jaafar, his former teammate in the White Castle, after the latter’s statements about the Egyptian clubs and teams’ reliance on arbitration courtesies in achieving victories and winning championships. Abdel Hamid said in statements to “the seventh day”, “I am sitting Captain of the Egypt national team from 1987 to 1993, it means 6 seasons of my life, I have not sat for what is a referee, we reached a world cup and we tied with the Netherlands, we played Ireland and we honored Egypt in the World Cup, Farouk Jaafar betrayed the expression, and as a former leader of the national team, I did not sit with a referee in closed or closed rooms “.

The former Zamalek star added, “Farouk Jaafar blamed this statement because he wasted the efforts of players who honored Egypt and reaped the African Champions League and went to the World Cup for the teams and clubs, we took all the championships with the success of our Lord and then our efforts and the great players in that generation of all clubs.”

وجرجر Farouk Jaafar, The star of Zamalek and the former team of Egypt, a surprise of a heavy caliber, and claimed that in the eighties the African rulers complimented the Egyptian teams such as Al-Ahly, Zamalek, the contractors and the Ismailis, saying, “The referee was going to Egypt and asking for Port Said to go shopping, or go to a luxury hotel other than the hotel designated for him, And increase (Bukit Mani) that he will get, then he comes in the technical meeting before the match, and he offers us to calculate a penalty or goal for us and working to help us achieve victory. “

Jaafar continued his fiery statements during his arrival as a guest of the “Zamalekawy” program via the “Zamalek” screen, that there are many facts that prove the validity of my speech, and there is a goal scored by Abu Grisha with his hand in one of the matches and was counted, just as the Egyptian team was also beautified in the 1990 World Cup qualifiers, And qualified for the World Cup with these compliments, the ball was afraid of the Egyptians and the referee did not count it, we would not reach without the courtesy.

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