Jamal Rabbani – the latest appearance of “Li Li”, the daughter of Ahmed Helmy


Several active accounts on social media circulated, a set of photos of “Lee Lee”, the daughter of artist “Ahmed Helmy” and artist “Mona Zaki”, after she grew up and became a young woman who caught the eye, and activists emphasized her beauty and great similarity between her and her parents, and some considered it a mixture Between her father and mother in terms of features and appearance.

This is not the first time that “Li Li” has appeared, so a picture of her spread during her presence with her mother, artist Zaki Zaki, for one of the exhibitions of fashion and accessories, and a young woman appeared to surpass her mother in length, and she underwent a famous photo session with her father and mother in childhood

It is also indicated that Lee Li Ahmed Helmy appeared in the year 2019 in her first television interview through the Mbc Trending program, and she told me about her talent and her new project, and she said that from her childhood she liked to draw, and she continued in this matter because of her father, Ahmed Helmi, because He loves to draw and help and support her, in addition to taking drawing lessons.

She added that, in her spare time, she was drawing because her parents were interested in keeping her studies, noting that her father was asking her to sell the paintings she was drawing but at first she was refusing, later she was convinced to sell it.

As for her new project to transfer pieces of clothes, shoes and bags with her drawing on her family, she made it clear that the beginning was when her close friend left a bag with her, so she asked her to draw on her, then after that she turned this matter to work through a page through Instagram, as she comes to her with special requests and she You draw.

Jamal Rabbani - the latest appearance of


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