Khadishas words .. Rania Youssef publishes the photos of the molesters


Published Actress Rania Youssef, Tweeted her on her official Twitter account, including pictures, which she said were people who verbally molested her.
وعلقت Raniya YousifOn the pictures, I wrote in the tweet: «Only pictures and names were published, but messages were preserved Sent For what it contains On Bad words.

Rania Youssef previously published a countD conversations for some people who have verbally abused her Beyond After her attack on the harassers and her demand for a deterrent law guaranteeing the right of women against them, she published photos of the accounts of these people and commented on her saying, “#Attached.

Comments from her followers poured on her and came between “Report them to the Internet Investigation” and “Give them a phantom, O Rania and God is his stump” and “Our Lord guides you and guides them”

And “I refute you, one of the reasons for harassment because of the suggestions and pictures that you publish in full view of everyone” and “I mean, you are upset from the verbal harassment of a little teenage children … and you are not upset from the hot scenes that you do in most of your artwork.”

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