Klopp: Liverpool’s mistakes in losing against Arsenal were greater than overcoming them


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp said his team’s mistakes in their 2-1 defeat to Arsenal in the Premier League on Wednesday were too much for the champion to overtake and turn the score in his favor despite dominating the match.

After falling behind in the 20th minute, Arsenal used two mistakes from defender Virgil Van Dyck and goalkeeper Alison Becker to score two goals and end Liverpool’s hopes of reaching a record number of points in the Premier League.”When you make such mistakes, you cannot win a football match or you must be really lucky to win,” Klopp told reporters after the match. “We were not lucky. All errors were big.”

“Registration and progression 1 – zero and then backtracking, we are all human beings and it may be a bad judgment on the situation.”

Since winning the title seven rounds before the end, Liverpool have lost eight points in five games, while it was only seven points before that.

“I am disappointed with the result, of course,” Klopp said.

“The statistics I saw were 24-3 (shots on goal), 70 percent acquisition, 30 percent, and this is exceptional. But the result is the truth and we have to accept that and we are responsible for this result.”

“We have to make sure that such things do not happen again.”

Liverpool have 93 points and could reach 99 points if they beat Chelsea, then Newcastle United, in the last two games.

Manchester City holds the record with 100 points, and that was in the 2017-2018 season.


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