Klopp: Salah is an exceptional player and I don’t know if there are others like him


Liverpool club coach Juergen Klopp said that Mohamed Salah has managed to achieve an extraordinary march during the past three years, saying he does not know if there are others who have achieved the numbers of the approximation of his Egyptian player.

Klopp said in his remarks reported by the British newspaper “Mirror”: “His numbers (Mohamed Salah) are extraordinary, it really is, it is very exceptional, but if we think about the goals we scored when he ran or things like that when he opens a gap in the opponent’s defenses so it can be To tell you that he might have contributed to 150 goals. ”

He continued: “If we look more closely at this, you will see how amazing something is, it is so amazing, and what is also amazing is that he played 150 games for us in 3 years, and that is really much.”

He added: “In football what Salah did is really very special, I don’t know how many players in the world managed to reach this number.”

He continued: “There can not be much like him because this is very exceptional, he scored 94 goals, but he contributed to many other goals, in addition to making goals.”

Klopp believes that signing a contract with Mohamed Salah was a great thing for the club, saying: “It was a profitable process for everyone when Mohamed Salah joined us. It was a genius matter, a very good thing for him because we are very fit and the way we play helps him.”


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