Knowing the results of Corona analyzes and the places where the treatment is dispensed .. Know the latest updates of the “Health Egypt” application


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Dr. Aysem Salah, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Information Technology, announced the update of the “Health Egypt” application on mobile phones, to allow identification of the result of the analysis of the new Corona virus immediately after its release.

He said in a post on his personal account on Facebook: “Now every one has pulled a smear to Corona analysis, he can know the result from the application the first thing that he aspired, and he will solve a big problem and make it easier for many people and save it from anxiety until what the outcome is aspiring.”

He added that the new update provides the possibility to identify the nearest places of examination and spend treatment for chronic diseases in the presidential initiative “100 million health”, in addition to knowing the nearest oncology centers, dialysis units, blood banks and centers receiving plasma recipients.

He continued: «Health Egypt is not a mobile application for Corona, but it will be a platform for all the services that can be taken from the Ministry of Health, and, God willing, the new update will bring in more services in order to solve the problems we all suffer from.»

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