Kuwaiti media “shocked” by Nancy Ajram (photos)


A Kuwaiti woman narrated a rare incident that happened to the Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, during a meeting between them in a hotel.

The media, Leila Ahmed, said, through a photo posted on her account on “Instagram”, that during a media meeting with her at the hotel, coffee was spilled on the carpet, because she believed that Ajram would call room service in order to clean the spot, but she was surprised by the famous singer running to the bathroom and brought a towel from him Damp to wipe the carpet.

Leila added that after Nancy Ajram cleaned the carpet, she returned to the bathroom and moistened the towel again, and then rubbed the carpet until she cleaned it completely.

The media commented, “This is the beautiful artist Nancy Ajram, a sweet and sweet, who has no allegations of telling what she tastes like, and a great talk of ideals.”


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