Learn about the crisis of the upcoming Al-Ahly deal with Enppi and the stars


Karim Fouad, the player of the stars and loaned team, raised to the ranks of Enppi, a crisis between the two clubs after the news that the player signed the Al-Ahly club in preparation for his inclusion in the next summer transfer period, where there is a dispute between the two clubs because of clauses in the contract between them concerning the right of the petroleum club to buy the player after The loan is over, and this is denied by star officials.

Mohamed Al-Tawila, head of the Stars Club, said that he received an offer from a large local club to sell Karim Fouad, in addition to an invitation from Benfica, Portugal, to spend a period of living. Al-Tawila confirmed that what was reported about Fouad signing for Al-Ahly is not considered significant without a formal agreement with the Future Stars Club, at the time Who confirmed that he obtained the loan system with the right to sell.

Al-Tawila added, “Karim is one of the talented players in the club, and the Benfica club manages the youth sector in the team, especially the distinguished ones, who rose to the first team, and then he was loaned to Enppi..”

The head of the stars continued, “The player has already had an experience with Enppi and played a very special half season. It is said that there are internal offers from Egyptian clubs, but all this is through agents only and I do not deal only officially..”

Al-Tawila explained that Enby is entitled to obtain Karim Fouad for another season, unless there is an offer for professionalism in Europe, and now there are Corona conditions in Europe, but there is interest on the part of several clubs in Portugal..”

In response to what was raised about the signing of the player to Al-Ahly, the head of the Stars Club said, “What is the benefit of signing Karim Fouad to Al-Ahly if there was no agreement with the management of the club, perhaps I would prefer the player to continue with Enppi for another season if the offers were inappropriate.”

Al-Taweelah concluded his remarks by saying, “The date that allows Enppi to include Karim Fouad through the purchase right clause expired on May 30, and his only right now is for the player to continue for another season in the event that external professional offers do not arrive and he has a percentage if the player sells to a European club..”

Meanwhile, Abdel Nasser Mohamed, director of football in Enppi, responded to Mohamed El Tawila, head of the Stars Club, about what was raised about the signing of Karim Fouad, who plays with the first loaned from the second, on joining Al-Ahly contracts..

Abdel Nasser Mohamed said, “We hear a lot of talk about Karim Fouad and the signature of Al-Ahly, but this is not permissible according to the loan contract signed with the stars and for a period of two years..”

The director of the ball said to Enppi, “There are many items in the player’s contract, and the right to purchase clause, with the possibility of obtaining a percentage of the contract in the event of a professional in Europe, and at least until now if the stars did not rise to the Premier League or European offer, we have the player For another season.”

He continued, “We can also obtain the player permanently for a fee agreed upon in the contract“.


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