Learn the truth about Al-Ahly thinking about restoring Beckham in the summer


Will Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the player of the Tigris Valley, become one of the solutions that Al-Ahly club seeks to support the Yemeni front in the team? A question posed by many in the Al-Ahly street after strong reports dealing with the scenes about negotiations being fought by Al-Ahly with the aim of including the player who is good at playing in the right-back position, the center that needs support according to the vision of the football planning committee in the club after the departure of Ahmed Fathi at the end of the current season to Pyramids.

Ahmed Ramadan Beckham played in the ranks of the juniors in Al-Ahly for several years, and he appeared for a short period with the first team before he left on loan for years and his name was recently proposed to succeed Ahmed Fathi, but Rene Vyler, the technical manager of Al-Ahly, did not express enthusiasm for the inclusion of an alternative to Ahmed Fathi, which is what The club’s planning committee rejects it, which sees the necessity of strengthening this front, in which there is currently only Mohamed Hani.

One of the members of the Al-Ahly Planning Committee, which is chaired by Mohsen Saleh and which includes Zakaria Nassef and Khaled Bebo, includes Ahmed Ahmad Ramadan Beckham In particular, he is a Joker player who is good at playing in more than one place, including the holders, the right defender and the defending midfielder, as he appeared well with the Tigris since his transfer to him, and he also participated with the Olympic team in the African Nations Youth Championship for under 23 years, which Egypt hosted and won its title to go up directly For the Tokyo Olympics.

Al-Ahly has the priority to include Beckham despite his final transfer to the Tigris as part of the purchase of Mohamed Mahmoud, where 5 million pounds were deducted from the value of the deal, and it was considered the value of his purchase, and Al-Ahly has the right to restore Beckham, where the Red Castle has the right to restore Beckham in the new season for 15 One million pounds, with the figure increasing 5 million pounds with each season, which is the item that Al Ahly and Tigris signed.

On the other hand, Mohamed Abdel Wahed, the general coach of the Tigris Valley team, talked about the fact that Al-Ahly entered into negotiations with the Tigris to obtain services for Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, saying, “Al-Ahly entered into oral negotiations to recover Ahmed Ramadan Beckham,” explaining that “there is a desire from Al-Ahly to include the player, but there is no official offer“.


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