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A strange quarrel caused by the goblins movie, starring Madiha Kamel and the star Amr Diab more than thirty years ago, and the reason for the quarrel is Madiha Kamel’s daughter in the movie, which was kidnapped by the head of his gang to kidnap children. Before the end of the movie, Madiha found two children, Baliya and Louza, and she did not know which of them Her daughter, his son Imad Muharram who played the head of the gang with a funny video on her page via the Tik Tok website, came out to talk to her father and discloses that Baliya is the daughter of Madiha Kamel in the film and not a tonsil, and Emad laughed revealed the secret that was hidden for thirty years.

Social networking sites talked about the secret that was revealed, and the laughing comments came from the audience, but the author of the film Magda Khairallah did not deal with the matter sarcastically, but she wrote publications in which the artist Imad Muharram was written as he revealed something that he knows nothing about because he only filmed three days and does not know the details The work and its secrets, and Magda Khairallah followed in her attack on Muharram with another post and described it as painful banality.

And she said: Today, I woke up to a kind of painful excitement, when one of the actors of the movie goblins, recorded a video announcing a secret that he saw as dangerous and that caused the nation to perplex, and successive generations, who is the daughter of Madiha Kamel, and prefers his sovereignty and announced with confidence that it is a misfortune !! And after that, we heard cheering sounds, enlargement, victories, and exhalations of relief, as if the masses rested after trouble, and dozens of people we thought were wise, each of them saying, by God, I knew it was bad, and others say how we wished it would be, almond !! Hard ?? Hard ?? Where is it? What is the painful disturbance?.

Magda touched on another point with her post and said: “Of course, it is possible for someone to say why do not you rejoice with this noise about your movie after all those years, and the truth is that I do not like to rejoice due to flimsy reasons, and surprisingly, some people are very busy with the idea of ​​who built his praise completely? Not the idea of ​​gangs kidnapping children? It is a case that is still ongoing and the rest of it? No one has any interest in the fate of the child Socrates, who was interested in reading and studying, even if he was in better conditions and in the middle of his family and was not kidnapped, perhaps he was now a doctor or an engineer, or a journalist, or one of the creators! The goal of the goblins movie, caused him to be puzzled by the viewers, and prompted him to leave all the important things in his life, and to search for an answer to the question of his son’s praise be complete ??.

With her post, Magda added, “I am thinking about a possibility That her daughter is not weary and my mother is tonsil? And that the presence of the girl’s clothes is not evidence of her existence !! It was not sold to a family that does not have children! There are dozens of possibilities, which you did not think about! I did not think about it either because this was not the goal of the movie. If I were a good future for cinema art, I would have realized that the value of many films lies in the questions that leave them hanging without answering, and keep trying to watch Anastasia! Expand your perceptions and make you painful“.

Khairallah wrote through her personal account on Facebook, “I couldn’t enter this tale, but I like to say that Professor Imad Muharram does not know what he needs about the subject of children in the movie goblins, and who said and announced it was aggrieved, this is the face of pictures of four days and a spirit!” And no one from the film’s group knows who is the daughter of Madiha Kamel, Blake Hubble, Claim and Search for a Role, and Exclusive and Abt. ”

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