Marvel Surprise .. Chris Hemsworth kidnapped “Thor” from a British artist – I watch


Charlie Wayne, one of the founders of the Marvel Studios Visuals Development division, revealed a surprise for the first time regarding one of the main heroes in the famous Marvel characters, the character “Thor”.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, Charlie revealed, in a post on his official page on the Instagram site, that the character presented by Australian star Chris Hemsworth over 10 years ago, was the first candidate for her portrayal another star of British nationality.

Marvel Surprise .. Chris Hemsworth kidnapped

Charlie confirmed that Gray’s Anatomy star, Kevin McCaid, was the prime candidate for Marvel Studios to embody the character of Thor before Chris Hemsworth.

The most famous “Pokemon” in a movie signed by the author “Thor”

The British newspaper pointed out that the reason Marvel Studios did not choose for “Kevin” in the end, is the desire of studio officials to appoint a representative who is about 20 or 19 years younger than Kevin, who is now 46 years old.

Marvel Surprise .. Chris Hemsworth kidnapped

Chris Hemsworth presented “Thor” in 7 films, the most recent of which will be the fourth part of “Thor”, which will be titled “Love and thunder” in 2022.


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