Messi is upset with Barcelona losing its entrepreneurial spirit


Messi’s statement came after his team lost the League title after losing at home to Osasuna (1-2) and Real Madrid won the title after defeating Villarreal (2-1) Thursday in the penultimate stage of the league.

Messi, Barcelona captain and best player in the world six times, said, “We did not expect and did not want to end things in this way, but that cuts down to the full extent of our year.”

“We were a very irregular team, very weak, losing in match and desire, receiving goals easily.”

“We lost many points as we shouldn’t have lost them. Real Madrid did a lot of work, he has not lost any games since the return, but we also facilitated his mission.”

The Argentine star indicated that his club “must carry out a process of self-criticism starting from the players, but the process of self-criticism is comprehensive. Real deserves to win all the matches, but we are Barcelona and we have a duty to win all the matches.”

“If we continue in this way, it will be very difficult for us to win the Champions League,” Messi warned, “Today it is certain for the League, but there must be a change in depth if we want to fight for the Champions League, otherwise we will lose the match against Napoli too.” “.


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