Microsoft bans the use of the Confederate flag in its Forza game


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, a statement from Forzas support says that the decision was made in an attempt to preserve and enhance a safe, inclusive and enjoyable experience for all members of the Forza community, and to provide criminals with the opportunity to change their behavior after making the rules.

The move is important when it comes to Forza, since players are able to customize their cars in the game to showcase their self-made designs.

Forza also included a racing option like General Lee, a prominent car from the 1979 TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard, which has been bearing the symbol since 2007.

It is said that Microsoft will not automatically block players, but will take action against players if it is reported by sending a ticket online.

The decision to ban players who use hate symbols explicitly, especially in a racing game, comes with a particularly specific timing.

NASCAR races were also part of an ongoing debate over the use of the Confederate flag after it decided to ban its use in all races and events last month.

NASCAR said in a statement at the time: “The presence of the Confederate flag in the events of NASCAR contravenes our commitment to provide a welcoming and comprehensive environment for all fans, competitors and our industry.”

Unlike NASCAR, Microsoft does not appear to have received much backlash because it has decided to ban the science from games like Forza.


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