Middle school students harass a 50-year-old teacher … and senior management makes a decision


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The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by Counselor Adel Brik, Vice-President of the State Council, and the membership of Advisors Sayyid Sultan, Dr. Muhammad Abdel Wahab Khafaji, Nabil Atallah, and Ahmed Maher Nawab, President of the State Council, ruled that the former Director General of Al-Omraniya Educational Administration should be suspended from work for a period of 6 months with a half-wage payment.

The court justified its ruling for “violating codes of conduct and civil service ethics,” by failing to take the necessary legal measures regarding the incident of harassment of students at the preparatory stage of a school during the Talaat Harb Preparatory School Examination Committee, and neglecting to mention the incident in the report of the conduct of the exams despite being notified of the incident by the mentioned teacher, as he put The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Giza signs the photocopy of the statement submitted by him to the prosecution denying the incident of harassment of the teacher in violation of the truth, despite not notifying the Directorate of the incident ».

The court affirmed in its ruling that the teacher did not find sufficient support from her superiors at the Ministry of Education, and the director of the educational department abandoned it despite the students’ harassment and violent contact with parts of her body in a violent and demagogic manner, she struggled alone until she tried a criminal boy and suffered coercion in which she pronounced the papers, and that the middle school students molested their teacher (50 General) The darkest forms of violence against women and the most deadly in society and have serious effects on social construction and the value system. The family also has a role in addition to government roles in monitoring their children in their lives and their lives and the means of social communication and the court has examined in detail the social role of judicial rulings to alert society.

The court indicated that it raises the alarm to accelerate the phenomenon of harassment before it gets out of control and the restriction of family upbringing to the home without linking it to the school the first reasons for failure, and the culture of integration between the school and the home must be restored, and that the enforcement of educational responsibility between the family and the school showed a distorted generation that we do not know and do not know what A family, school, governmental and non-governmental organizations, religious platforms and cultural beacons require everyone to bring together those generations whose mind escapes into their true places and pure stripes.

The court also affirmed that it records the negative role of art and the media in the films of the chaotic hero, statements of obscenity, vice and words of revelations emerging from the songs of festivals and parties, which promoted the spread of sexual harassment until it reached the prep pupils harassment of their teacher, which is the fruit of intellectual, moral and religious distortion.

The court said that it was mobilizing the concerns of the supervisory technical bodies to play its role towards the downside films, songs of festivals and fallen parties, a clear statement and a hint for the demolition of values, a blade to scratch modesty and an arrow aimed at killing the virtues and morals, and a difference between ensuring freedom of artistic creativity and the exploitation of the consequences that sick minds and cheap souls suffer from negative values ​​that suffer Including society for years, a number to get rid of its effects on its generations, and we need artistic works that address young people with human values, creativity, truth, beauty, courage, religious tolerance, honesty, love, compassion, and affiliation and loyalty to Egypt.

The court also appeals to the legislator to amend the penalties for artistic works that encourage deviation contained in the Child Law under 18 years old despite the passage of a quarter of a century (a fine of 50 pounds and another 100 pounds), and that the director of the educational department came with a document verified by the real estate month of three of his subordinates denying the harassment, and the court describes it as an affirmation of disassociation from them He did not gain his iniquity.

The court confirmed that the constant in the papers is that the teacher «AME» English Language School at Othman Ahmed Othman Preparatory School for girls was assigned to her and a fellow teacher in one of the urban schools to monitor the work of junior high exams in one of the committees at Talaat Harb Prep School and the exam was performed at the school mentioned students Omar Makram Preparatory School for Boys, and during the monitoring activities of the committee ten minutes later, some students from their places to speak with the aforementioned colleague in a manner that prevails friendliness and lack of seriousness and allowed some students from the adjacent committees to attend and enter the committee, which caused a playfulness in the committee, and some burned papers Questions and objected to that deviation from the rules of discipline inside the examination halls, then one of the students approached her, molested and pushed, then a number of other students tried to assault her, grabbed her arms, pulled her, and pulled her to the ground, so she tried to push them as much as she could.

Her female colleagues attended the observations and took her out of the committee. Upon descending on the ladder, the same students followed and collectively molested her and seized her from sensitive areas. One of her colleagues screamed and tried to defend her so the committee president and the role observer screamed and ran to her, so they removed the students from her and went to the control room and recounted what happened to the school principal A.A. then immediately contacted the police department and spoke with the appellant general manager of the educational department in Al-Amraniya to inform him of all that had happened to take the necessary legal measures, except that he failed and did not do anything and took a negative attitude that is not commensurate with the gravity of the harassment incident on one of the preference teachers and not taking measures The law that he must take in such cases, which requires disciplinary punishment.

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