Minister of Transport responds to the increase in train prices on August 6 (video)


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Kamel al-Wazir, the Minister of Transport, said that the trains had not previously seen a third degree of air conditioning or dynamic ventilation, or in its development and cleanliness, revealing that this would be the minimum for the railways.

The Minister announced, during a telephone conversation with the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on the channel “Echo of the Country”, that a new batch of new railway passenger carriages reached a total of 10 cars, bringing the total of what has so far reached Egypt to 33 carriages in the manufacturing and supplying 1300 new carriage deal Which is the largest and largest deal in the history of Egypt’s railways.

The Minister of Transport revealed that the third class trains will work on the suburban lines that are very crowded, explaining that 33 new trains were imported with the updating of 200 trains, and indicated that these trains will enter service on August 6 as part of the anniversary celebrations of digging the new Suez Canal.

The minister continued: «Beginning in mid-July, new trains will be located inside the main stations of Egypt, especially the Egypt station in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Tanta, Minya, Asyut, Aswan, Port Said and Mansoura.

The Minister of Transport stated that with the receipt of 33 new trains in August, the number of trains will exceed more than 50 trains, at which time the crowds in the trains will be eliminated, revealing that the last sleep train entered service in 1980, about 40 years ago, and the last tractor entered service in (2007/2008), and the last new railway car entered 5 years ago.

The Minister revealed that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi called, during a meeting with the President of the Commission, for supplying the third-grade trains with adaptations, and the president sided with the simple citizen.

He continued: «Will be allowed to stop 20% of passengers, until the completion of the numbers of trains that will cover the numbers that frequent the railway trains, and new lines are now being added to keep pace with the numbers of residents and passengers that frequent the trains.

And about increasing the prices of trains, as it is expected on August 6, the minister said: “Let the people return the first”, revealing that the cost of the new train in the railway amounts to 3 million dollars, and 50 million pounds are lost each month from the “correction” of the train tickets.

The Minister of Transport stressed that the railway mafia will be confronted with full force and firmness, stressing that the black market will not return to obtain railway tickets.

The Minister appealed to the passengers not to drive behind the black market mafia to obtain Eid al-Adha tickets, stressing that a ticket will be provided for everyone who wants to book tickets during the holidays, declaring that the reservation is in the box office, post offices and over the Internet, and he explained that there is an increase in the number of passengers by 125 % On trains on Eid.

The Minister of Transport pointed out that the conditions for admission of engineers to the railway are similar to the criteria for accepting the Military College, where the need was announced for 150 engineers who applied about 6 thousand engineers, explaining that the Wardan Institute accepts high school graduates and diplomas.

The minister added that the 3 most international companies working in developing railway signs have contributed to increasing the rate of safety in the railways, stressing that Egypt’s Alexandria station will return to the civilizational form that is appropriate for it and all stations are developed successively, explaining that the train journey from the administrative capital to the tower The Arabs take an hour and a half.

He revealed that 27 of the street vendors were arrested and entertained to the police and the release of records against them, explaining that the Integrated Cleaning Services Company is cleaning the railway trains to preserve them.

Kamel affirmed that work is underway to develop the railway system to transport passengers, so that we tend to transport goods and the target until 2030, and achieve 250 billion pounds, including 100 billion pounds of debt on the railway, and 150 billion worth of projects until 2030.

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