Mohamed Salah: My problem with Manny is “Nervosa Stadium” .. My ambition is for Liverpool without borders


Mohamed Salah, the star of the national team and the Liverpool club, confirmed that what happened between him and the Senegalese star Sadio Mane in the Burnley match in the first round of the English Premier League competition this season, was “a jittering stadium”, and things returned to normal immediately after the match.

Sadio Mane had expressed his anger in the Burnley match after coach Klopp pulled him off the field, and minutes before that, Mohamed Salah refused to pass the ball to him even though he was alone in the goal, to express his anger on the bench.

Mohamed Salah said in televised comments: “” My problem with Mani? What happened was a jittering stadium, and the crisis ended immediately after the match, and things returned to normal, and our relationship returned as it was. “

On his ambition in Liverpool, he said: “I love the atmosphere of Anfield, and I dream that I will stay with the Reds for as long as possible. I have not satisfied myself with what I achieved, and I still have a long journey that is constantly being renewed, and what I am motivating for will be better than what I achieved.”

He continued: “The feeling of winning the English league cannot be described, after the end of the past lean years, all players, including me, deserve the title of this season.”

Mohamed Salah became the first Egyptian player in history to crown the Premier League competition, after he crowned with Liverpool this season, winning his fourth title with the Reds.

Liverpool succeeded in winning the Premier League title for the nineteenth time in its history, after losing its direct competitor Manchester City, last Thursday evening, against its Chelsea team, 2-1.

Liverpool had won a big victory last Wednesday, against Crystal Palace team, 4-0, in the 31st round of the English Premier League, and Mohamed Salah scored the second goal of the Reds.


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