Mohamed Shabana in Live Day 7 reveals the real reason for postponing the nations of Africa for a year


Journalist Mohamed Shabana revealed in Live “The Seventh Day” that the true reason behind the postponement of the African Football Confederation of the 2021 African Nations Cup to be held in 2022 is not corona or the pressure of matches on the teams in the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup, but there is a main and fundamental reason is that Cameroon does not end Among the facilities for hosting the tournament, including stadiums, hotels, and others.

Continued its youth through the “with his youth” program on the seventh day, there is a crisis facing Cameroon, especially the end of stadiums, hotels and private roads there, for the African Union officials preferred to postpone the tournament for a year to be a final deadline for Cameroon to prepare the tournament, especially as its organization was withdrawn by In 2019, it will be held in Egypt, which saved the time and organized a tournament in 4 months, and was the best in the history of the African Nations Championships.

He added his youth in Live with his youth on the pages of the seventh day: What confirms our words is what happened today from the announcement of Ahmed Ahmed, President of the African Union, to establish the semi-finals of the African Champions League next September in Cameroon, which brings together Al-Ahly and Wydad Moroccan, and Zamalek with hope, then return from The Executive Office accepted this decision, while the establishment of the semifinals of the Confederation in Morocco was settled and this was officially announced in the decisions that were officially issued by the African Union.

Informative Muhammad Shabana His program “With Shabana” appears on the “Seventh Day” page, 3 days a week, which are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5 pm, and deals with sporting events, files for summer transfers, and crises of players with their clubs.


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