Money-laundering charges pursue five Kuwaiti celebrities – ERM News


Money laundering charges pursue five ...

Source: Nisreen Al-Abboush – Erm News

Insiders revealed in Kuwait On the names of five famous media media names in the list of those accused of money laundering cases, coinciding with the authorities’ pursuit of two prominent cases in this regard, namely the case of the Bengali deputy and the case of the Malaysian sovereign fund accused of high-ranking personalities.

The sources told the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas, that “there are five reports against celebrities, whose bank accounts have been greatly inflated, and arrest warrants will be issued against them as soon as the State Security Agency’s investigations are received.”

She added, “Celebrities will be held accountable for the sources of their millions of money, to see if their advertising imports originate from them, or if their source is a criminal.”

The local newspaper did not reveal the names of the famous people involved or their association with the two previously mentioned cases.
And Kuwait began more than a year ago to launch a campaign against officials and celebrities whose bank accounts were inflated to know its source, and it summoned a number of them earlier to investigate this matter.

According to media reports, the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Act No. 106/2013 penalizes the crime of concealing funds obtained from crimes or proven unlawful, while punishing the perpetrator with imprisonment and a fine, in addition to confiscating the sums.


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