Muhammad Waziri refused to prove our marriage in the family court – Erm News


Lebanese actress revealed Haifa WehbeHer developments in her legal struggle with her former business manager, Mohamed Waziri, who filed a lawsuit against her to prove his marriage to her, after differences occurred between them over the past two months.

And Haifa announced that the family court rejected the request to postpone the case again, after it was postponed in the previous session, at the request of a minister’s lawyer, because there was no marriage contract that the judge asked to see.

“Today, the session took place in the family court, which our brother sought refuge in order to rape me as married to me, and he was supposed to present to her the original marriage contract and witnesses,” Haifa wrote on her personal Twitter account.

She added: “His lawyer failed to present the papers for which he postponed the previous session, and when the judge asked him about the witnesses … he tried to postpone the time until he brought them, but the judge refused, and the case was reserved for the ruling … Praise be to God.”

And “My Minister” has filed this lawsuit to prove his marriage to Haifa, after the latter filed a lawsuit accusing him of stealing 62 million pounds from it, taking advantage of the power of attorney freed him earlier, to act on its behalf while she was outside Egypt, regarding contracting for parties and other Things work between them.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese artist wrote a publication last June through “Twitter” in which she said: “On 2/6/2020, the marriage proof session filed by M.W at the Family Court.”

She added, “The lawyers attended and his lawyer did not show any official document, not even witnesses, and said that the marriage contract was stolen, and the judge replied that the theft was not among the powers of Family courtSuddenly, his lawyer told him he had a contract with me and asked to postpone the session for fear of turning it to judgment, and it was postponed for the day.

Haifa continued in another tweet: “Today, the lawyers came and his lawyer presented a photocopy rather than the original of the marriage paper, and my lawyer challenged the authenticity of the forged paper and asked for the original contract, his lawyer replied that the original is not with him, but with the plaintiff, and he is not currently, which is originally Standing overland with his brother and witnessing the third falsehood, and to bring the original contract request to postpone the session.


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