Murtada Al-Khatib: I will not allow sedition … and did not lie


Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek, sent a message to his counterpart, Al-Ahly, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, indicating that he rejects strife in Egypt among football fans.

In the meeting of the President of Zamalek with the owners and managers of the pages and mass groups of the White Club, Murtada Mansour said: “The Qatari officer Abu Sunaida sent a message on my phone to say that the sedition had flared up, and from here I tell the sermon that I will not allow a sedition to happen.”

The President of Zamalek added: “Abu Sunaidah said more than once that he would reach my voice to carry out a war against me from all sides. If I were lying about claiming the existence of Abu Sunaidah, let the public prosecutor come out with an official statement to reveal the truth.”

Mortada Mansour continued: “My message to the fans of Zamalek is not to drift behind these polemics, on my phone many messages will be sent to the Internet Investigation to take the necessary legal measures.”

Mortada Mansour warned anyone who exceeds his right to imprisonment for three years, adding: “The law is clear, the punishment for insulting in social media is imprisonment for three years, and this is a warning for all parents to follow their children.”

The President of Zamalek refused to consider his meetings with public opinion leaders on social media in order to obtain personal support for him through the pages and groups on Facebook.

And Mortada Mansour added: “I called on these people to support Egypt and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi because the state has many files today, and we will not allow sedition in Egypt between the masses of Zamalek and Al-Ahly.”

And Mortada Mansour ended: “There are those who seek to create sedition in Egypt, but we will not allow these people, who are keen to support the Egyptian state in all situations, and gave us the families of martyrs of the army and the police free membership to support them and support them morally.”


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