Murtada Mansour: “If Al-Ahly worked out the 6-1 program … I would run a program called Watchmaker”


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club Board of Directors, responded to the recent rumors about Al-Ahly’s channel’s decision to introduce a program called “6-1”, saying: “Al-Ahly if a program called 6/1 works by Ma’andesh as a problem, because Al-Ahly has a channel that has said for years I shook a hair from our head, and we have a channel that said it for a month. The state is the one that made it and turned the world on them, and it is possible to work on a program in the Zamalek channel called Al-Saati.

Murtada said during his remarks to the Zamalek channel: “We will do a program called Watchmaker … and he will send him a song of hours and hours for Sabah. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asad has no fear except from God.”

He also directed the head of Zamalek reproach Farouq Jafar The former star of the club, saying: “Oh Farouk Jaafar Al-Khatib, it is not a myth, who invented a video that is not a legend, and we are 24 hours by insulting in Al-Ahly channel, we will not say in the Zamalek channel that Al-Khatib is a legend and respectable.”

On the issue of the Century Club, the president of the White Castle said: “Za’lan from Khaled Al-Ghandour because he said earlier yesterday that we translated the file of the Century Club and his source, and Khaled said the matter in a minute even though we are in great problems because of this topic.”


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