Mustafa Yunus: I apologize to Hassan Hamdi … and there is no relationship between me and Al-Khatib


Mustafa Yunus, the former star of Al-Ahly, said that he considered Hassan Hamdi, the former club president of Al-Ahly, one of the best club presidents in history, noting that he is apologizing to him for his sharp attack on him when he was Al-Ahly president, commenting: “Myself reconciled with Hassan Hamdi because I was very sharp with him. “.

Yunus added in statements to On Time Sport channel: “Unlike the case with Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the current president of Al-Ahly, there is no relationship between me and him, even though we are ten years old 50 years ago, but he does not answer my calls and the relationship was interrupted a while ago, and I maintain my dignity.”

He continued: “I do not want anything from Al-Khatib, and I stood with him in the last elections and cried when he won the elections despite my distinguished relationship with Mahmoud Taher.”

On working in the Zamalek channel, he said: “I received an offer from Morteza Mansour to work on the Zamalek channel and agreed and assured him that I will not attack Al-Ahly This was not what happened in the Al-Ahly crisis with the esteemed consultant Turk Al-Sheikh, who was lost by Al-Ahly. However, I refused to attack Al-Ahly at the time of the crisis because the position of Al-Ahly was weak, and if I wanted to attack special accounts, I would have done so. ”


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