My anger with China is getting bigger and bigger because of Corona


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Again, the American President expressed Donald TrumpOn Wednesday, he expressed his outrage at China over the outbreak of the emerging corona virus in the world, claiming thousands of lives.

In tweets on Twitter, Trump said, Wednesday: “As I watch the Corona virus spread its ugly face all over the world, causing great damage to which our country has a huge part of it, I get more and more angry with China.”

Trump added that the United States is fighting a battle to save its heritage, history and greatness.

It is noteworthy that the US President has long held China responsible for the outbreak of the new Corona virus around the world, because he is considered to have hidden information about the disease since it began spreading in December last year.

Corona is from America
Corona is from America

UN mission to investigate

After sharp criticism from the United States, and hints from other European countries to the need to investigate the origin of the Corona virus and how it originated, the World Health Organization announced, on Tuesday, finally that it will send an investigation team to China in the coming days.

The Director-General of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Gebresos, said in a press statement that the organization will send a team to China next week to investigate the origin of the new Corona virus.

The announcement came, after months of sharp criticism from the US administration and President Donald Trump for the organization’s performance, accusing it of siding with China, and its version of the origins of the coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan in December.

Trump also announced last month that his country’s financial contributions to the organization would be suspended because it had not undertaken the radical reforms required in its performance, as he put it in a letter he had previously directed to the Director-General of the United Nations.

More than two million injuries

It is noteworthy that the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the total number of people infected with the new Corona virus in the United States reached more than two million and 545 thousand and 250, adding that the number of deaths rose 885 cases, reaching 126369.

Corona in America
Corona in America

On Monday, America recorded 44,703 confirmed injuries and 508 deaths.

In addition, the United States is the first in the world with the number of pandemic deaths.

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