“Myehosh was defrauded by him” .. a friend of the palm beach drowned detailing Ra


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Saturday 11 July 2020

The lake – Ahmed Nasra:

Although he is only 17 years old, everyone who mixed him with him during his short trip in the world confirms that he was carrying the men shem, and is more than a few years old.

Tragedy awakened by the city of Abu al-Matamir in Beheira governorate, with the news of the sinking of Ayman Gharib coming. Amr al-Jali, a friend of the deceased, said: “Why is this so, Ayman, do you not hear my words? Satisfied you hear my words and in the other I know that you are drowned.

Al-Jali tells the story of his friend going to the palm beach, saying: “I met him at night. He said, We go to the sea. He was going with our colleague Hazem because he was practicing a ball in a club in Alexandria. They had two paper planes with them and agreed to land the dawn sea. The waves turned over and the sea pulled them, the people were able to save Hazem, and I rightly left him until now, they don’t know his body. “

And he goes on: “Ayman Shail was the one who was a little baby and was working to answer his expenses, we were working together with the DJ team, and we would go to parties in the Shatt Al-Nakhil, and from her time he was going to the beach always, he would love the sea so he didn’t know that he would take his life.”

He continues: “Ayman was a stump and all people love him because he is struggling and his relationship is sweet to everyone, as long as he walks into the shops he jokes with those present and the whole country is his companions, and he shared many needs, including the paper flyers, he used to do them in beautiful forms and sell them.”

Ayman Fouda from the family of Abu al-Matamir talks about the deceased: “A child or a young man, but with the rank of a man, his longevity is naughty and overwhelmed his cottage and he looked up to his eyes. Peer at him, or come and say hello to you, Captain Ayman, teach me that when I saw him, I would call and greet him, my life is what I saw without a smile.

Ayman’s brother, Saad Gharib, said: Until now, Ayman’s body has not left the sea, we need to intensify the search and the arrival of more human frogs to comb the water, at any cost.

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