Nashwa Mostafa reveals her relationship with Mamdouh Muwafi … and asks for prayers for him


Posted on: Saturday, July 18, 2020 – 12:29 PM Last update: Saturday, July 18, 2020 – 12:29 PM

Artist Nashwa Mostafa published a post on her Facebook page to explain the secret of her student reading Al-Fatihah of the late artist Mamdouh Wafi.

Nashwa said in the “Post”: “A strange need occurred from a period when I dreamed of Mamdouh and Wafi _ God have mercy on him.

And she continued: “Now by opening my profile, I found a picture of his daughter in front of him, his daughter, an amateur actress, sharing a real gift and talent. I was amazed and felt that his soul is a student.


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