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The Qatari opposition, based in London, Khaled Al-Hail, on Sunday evening, published a new leak documenting a meeting of the leader of the Kuwaiti Umma Party, Hakim Al-Mutairi, with the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to support his party.

The voice of the governor of al-Mutairi is heard in the recording, speaking about “raising the awareness of the people in the region, creating the revolutionary spirit” and the obstacles his party faces in this regard.

Al-Mutairi stated in the recording that his party has a “channel of the nation”, but it faces strong competition from the channels of the regimes, which he said had “taken control of wealth, power and control over the media, and dumped it with channels that glorify it.”

He added, “This exceeds the party’s own capabilities, and therefore resorted to collecting donations from businessmen,” but the sensitivity of the issue prevented obtaining sufficient donations.

Addressing Gaddafi, Al-Mutairi said: “There is no doubt that the party needs support, support and support.” The Libyan leader replied: “We are ready .. but I warn you about a specific proposal. I met Dr. Madawi Al-Rashid and her father and alerted them to them .. This is a step in the way of constitutional monarchies .. Suppose the families (rulers of the Gulf) preceded and cut off the road, and we said constitutional monarchies “and then the registration was interrupted.

This recording was preceded by two other leaks referring to the “conspiracy” of Al-Mutairi’s ruler with Gaddafi to plan the spread of “creative chaos,” as the late Libyan leader calls it in Arab countries, including the Gulf states.

The Qatari opposition has been publishing a series of leaks a few days ago within the framework of what is known as “Gaddafi Tent Records”, which sparked widespread controversy in Kuwait after it revealed the relationship of a number of figures affiliated with the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Kuwait with the late Libyan leader, regarding plots hatched to harm Gulf states .

So far, the Kuwaiti authorities have summoned former MP Mubarak Al-Duwailah against the background of “Gaddafi tent leaks”, and after interrogating him for hours, the State Security Service released him, provided that the results of the investigations are submitted to the competent authorities, according to the local newspaper “Al-Qabas”.

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