New leaks reveal the price of the iPhone 12 …


Although there are months separating us from Apple’s announcement of its new iPhone, but in the run-up to the launch rumors spread, and the latest rumors indicate a price iPhone 12 , Which reveals that the new phone will not be as cheap as expected.

Jeff Pooh, analyst at Yuanta Investment Consulting , A research note to the site MacRumours You expect that price iPhone 12 It will start from $ 749, and for comparison, the starting price was for a device iPhone 11 Last year, $ 699.

According to the British “Mirror” website, this increase in price will come despite the fact that it is expected to ship iPhone 12 Without EarPods Or a charger, however, Bo suggests that a major reason why Apple is increasing its prices is the fifth-generation technology 5G.

Unlike many of its competitors, Apple has yet to launch a smart phone 5G, And it appears that 2020 may be the appropriate year.

If Bos prediction is correct, this indicates that iPhone 12 Max It would be about 50 to 100 dollars more expensive than iPhone 12 , Bringing the cost to $ 799 or $ 849.

Regardless of 5G, Rumors indicate that iPhone 12 It can contain many impressive features.

AndSuch as iPhone 11 , It will feature iPhone 12 Two rear cameras, while models iPhone 12 Pro It will likely add a third telephoto lens.

Meanwhile, devices are expected to enjoy iPhone 2020 With a thinner design than its predecessors, with flatter sides.


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