New medical research: Smoking cigarettes increases the severity and risk of developing corona



Posted on: Saturday, July 25, 2020 – 9:27 AM | Last update: Saturday, July 25, 2020 – 9:27 AM

New medical research reveals a growing body of evidence that young people who smoke traditional or electronic cigarettes have an increased chance of contracting the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Based on the results and case studies of the emerging coronavirus patients (Covid-19), a team of researchers at the University of Texas Health Sciences College in the United States reviewed the role of smoking and cigarette smoke in vascular and neurological dysfunction among the emerging coronavirus patients.

The researchers pointed out that the study showed that tobacco smokers and its products are more susceptible to infection with viruses and bacteria compared to non-smokers.

In previous research, researchers have shown how tobacco smoke can impair a person’s respiratory function and ultimately affect the vascular system and the brain in the end. It is known that the emerging corona virus also attacks the respiratory system and blood vessels.

The research team wanted to know if there were any cases reported that the virus may also affect the brain and lead to the emergence of long-term neurological disorders such as strokes, and they also searched for evidence that shows that smoking and steam can make the results worse for people with coronavirus. The newbie.

According to the results, published in the July issue of the “International Journal of Molecular Sciences,” some current studies show that there are already stroke cases in patients with the emerging coronavirus, and rates seem to increase every day.

In fact, one study of 214 patients found that 36.45% of the patients of the emerging coronavirus have neurological symptoms, which also indicates that the virus is able to affect the vascular system.


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