Nisreen Tafesh hides her lingerie only with a bra


The Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh shared her followers and fans with a picture through her official account on Instagram, in which Zafish appeared in a bra only, putting her hand on her chest to hide her charms from the public

Tafesh appeared without makeup, with her new look and wide face, according to the angle of photography, which raised many questions among the public about the fact that Tafesh used photo-editing software to appear perfectly across social networks and websites.

Tafesh commented on her controversial new look by saying:

“The light in the eye is only a trace of the light of the heart.
good morning
Today’s question: How can I increase my heart today, a light of safety, peace and joy, and how can this light expand and spread in my world to those I love and to those around me? ”

Nisreen Tafesh had sparked widespread controversy because of her previous image, in which she appeared with a big ass and an exposed belly, and was subjected to sharp criticism because of this image in which the audience accused her of intent to seduce and share pictures of indecent shyness.

Comments from the audience poured out on Tafesh’s look, and a section of the public praised her bold appearance and flirted with her beauty and graceful body, while some criticized her for her bold images, and considered her transcending the red borders in showing her charms to the audience.

It is worth noting that Nisreen had received an official apology from her citizen in the name of Yakhour through a video in which he revealed the secrets of his program we ate and in the context of his speech he apologized to Tafish if he caused her any kind of insult

It is noteworthy that Nisreen had participated in the last of her drama series, the series “Seal of the Tiger,” accompanied by the star Ahmed Salah Hosni, and achieved a high number of views at the time of its performance.

Nisreen Tafesh also revealed to the public her participation in the other series, Al-Wajh, and expressed her happiness in the participation of Majed Al-Masry, who will play the starring role, accompanied by his wife’s role in the upcoming work, which will be produced by the Egyptian Film and Drama Company.


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