No legal and technical consensus was achieved … The seventh meeting on “Dam Allen.”


06:58 PM

Thursday 09 July 2020

Books – Ahmed Massad:

The talks relating to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which continued for the seventh consecutive day, have just ended, under the auspices of the African Union, and in the presence of ministers from the three countries, country representatives and observers, which aim to discuss an agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam.

The ministers began the meeting, Thursday, with a review of the discussions of technical and legal committees, which were held last Tuesday, to try to bridge the views on the points of contention in both tracks.

The ministers reviewed the speech received from South Africa, which calls on the three countries, to prepare a separate report for each country separately on the progress of the negotiations so far, accompanied with a report describing the facts, prepared by the state of South Africa, provided that the final report will be submitted on July 13 To South Africa, as the current president of the African Union.

It should be noted that, until now, there has been no agreement between the three countries on any of the technical or legal points, and the differences between the three countries have continued.

The ministers agreed that each country will send its report today to South Africa, with discussions continuing at the technical and legal levels until July 13, 2020, to be held tomorrow, Friday, meetings of technical and legal committees will be held again, and Saturday, July 11, meetings will be held for each country separately With observers, while on Sunday July 12, ministers will hold meetings.

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