Nour Hisham Selim documents his moments with his father without his knowledge in their last appearance .. Pictures


Share Nour Hisham Selim, Followers with new pictures with his father, through his personal account on the Instagram photo site, through which he appeared suddenly taking pictures with his father.

Nour, a few weeks ago, sent a new message in light of the controversy that he raised again, stressing that since the day he announced his sexual transformation he is going through a difficult period and after the death of activist Sarah Hegazy he felt that he was alone.

He wrote through the store feature of his account on “Instagram”: “From one day I announced that I had sexual intercourse and as my father said on that day, I am going through a very difficult period, because there are many like me who address me and want to help them as if I have the ability to do something, and I cannot help myself “.

He continued: “When Sarah died, I felt that I was alone in this world in which we live and that is for all the causes of this girl even after her death .. I learned to pray for any dead that God have mercy on him, but what happened is that there are many people who sat in and wished for her burning, where is mercy.” .


Nour Hisham Selim appeared in a new video clip that he transmitted through his personal Al-Astori site on Instagram, to defend the homosexuals and their suffering in dealing with others, defending Sarah Hijazi, who committed suicide a few days ago.

Ibn Hisham Selim, who is transsexual, said: “The one who is satisfied with me and not satisfied with the king of the detector keeps hypocrisy, the one who is satisfied with me and who is not satisfied with Sarah Hijazi keeps hypocrisy, and the one who says that there is no origin of this religion and this is Islam, not your religion and you and your life. Your religion is high, Sarah, or a king.

Nour Hisham Selim added in his speech: “Where is humanity, congregation? Who is Heiji, I say, no origin, you are just gay, lesbians are forbidden. I will tell you a need. I was not in a hormonal imbalance, nor was it in need, this was not a correction, this was a transformation, so I am in front of our Lord What you did is wrong, but you are all walking, my love, my light, and you are like the moon and happy life, but Sarah Hijazi died, but better, and God willing the worm will eat you. “

The son of the artist, Hisham Selim, continued his speech in defense of homosexuals, saying: “Will you say to me, too, when I die? Normal, I do not go far, but if you drink, dress, and rant, I am like Sarah Hijazi, and I am not satisfied with it, I am not satisfied with it, and I am not satisfied with it.” I want me. “


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