Officially … 50 players in the Saudi league were infected with Corona virus


The Saudi Football Association announced today, Friday, that fifty players from the clubs of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup (Saudi Professional League) have been infected with the new Corona virus.

The game association published a statistic for the period between June 21 and July 8, which showed that 50 players, 47 administrators and technicians from the 16 league clubs, were infected with a total of 97 cases out of 1,351 HIV testers.

The Saudi Ministry of Sports announced the return of sports activity on June 21, after stopping since last March due to the spread of the Corona virus.

According to the statistic, 781 examinations were conducted in the clubs of Prince Mohammed bin Salman League for the first class, which number 20 clubs, where 25 players were injured, including any positive condition of administrators and technicians.


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