On her birthday .. Marriages of Sumaya Al-Alfi and miscarriage 12 times and the secret of her remorse


Today the artist celebrates Millennial toxicity On her 67th birthday, she presented a number of artworks that remain a landmark in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Sumaya Al-Alfi said in a television interview that she refrained from acting due to her weight gain and changing the features of her face, so she did not return the way the audience used to, and therefore preferred to stay away from the screen since 2010. She underwent 7 surgeries after experiencing severe pain in the back, to form bags in the womb And the sink of liquid Bone marrow The top of the bundle of nerves responsible for movement, which was impeding them from movement.
Sumaya Al-Alfi admitted that her ex-husband was the late Egyptian actorFarouk al-FishawiHe accompanied her during the treatment trip, despite their separation, and he proposed to travel outside Egypt. Indeed, she traveled to Switzerland, Germany and the United States of America in order to perform surgeries, and in Germany, al-Fishawi sang to her before entering the operating room.
Sumaya Al-Alfi married four times, the first time was the most famous love story in her career with Farouk al-Fishawi, who gave birth to Ahmed and Omar, and after the separation she married composer Modi Imam, also she married director Jamal Abdel Hamid, then she married artist Medhat Saleh for a short time Very, despite her repeated marriages, Soumaya Al-Alfi admitted that Farouk al-Fishawi was a love of her age, and that she condoned his betrayal of her because she did not want her family to collapse, as she confessed in a television interview that she aborted 12 times, but was insisting on pregnancy because she was loving Motherhood.

Soumia Al-Alfi regretted not admitting her granddaughter Lina, the daughter of Ahmed Al-Fishawy, who was attributed to him via the Nassab case, and said that she felt sad for not admitting her at first, but she loved her very much.


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