Parliament agrees to send the army on combat missions outside the border in a strategic western direction


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On Monday, the House of Representatives approved, in a secret session, the dispatch of elements of the armed forces on combat missions outside the borders of the state, in the western strategic direction, against the actions of foreign militias.

On Monday, the House of Representatives held a secret session to discuss an important topic, according to what Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Speaker of the House of Representatives announced after the morning session ended.

And “Abdel-Aal” said during the plenary session, on Monday, that the parliament has the right to hold a secret session at the request of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the President of the Council, or according to a request submitted by 20 deputies.

He added that it is not permissible to attend this session except for members of the Council and its Chairman, and those authorized to attend, and none of the employees of the Council, except for the Secretary-General, may attend.

And «Abdel-Al» continued that it is not permissible for any of the workers in the council other than the deputies to attend the secret session, pointing out that, according to the organized laws and parliamentary traditions, the hall will be completely evacuated from all those present, whether in the hall of the council or the balconies of journalists from photographers and television workers, provided that he takes over The Secretary General of the House of Representatives alone has the task of overseeing the session, or selecting one of the employees to assist him.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives called on members of the House to abide by those attending the session, not to divulge anything that will be discussed in any way, and to maintain the confidentiality of what is being administered in it.

The Speaker also called for the parliament members to close their mobile phones, close the hall doors and not allow them to leave.

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